Adopt an Alpaca - Don Felipe

Adopt an Alpaca - Don Felipe


If you love alpacas, but just havent got the space for one, why not get the next bext thing and adopt one of ours for a year.

This is Felipe, he is our oldest alpaca at Petlake at 18 years.  He was the 1st stud boy we had here and has some impressive genetics, lots of his offspring can be seen around the farm.  He is kept on his own (next to a group of girls)  as he doesnt get on with the other boys but is very gentle with people and is the perfect alpaca for anyone who wants an adoption but cannot parcipitate in one of our walks as he is super calm and we can bring him down to meet you.

Your Adoption is for 1 year and includes a photo of Don Felipe, a certificate of adoption, a voucher for an alpaca walk, and a soft toy.

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