Alpaca Experiences

Alpaca Walks - start again in April    and are held on Wednesdays Saturdays and Sundays 

Take an alpaca on a slow walk around our farm. Get to know these gentle creatures and learn all about them from your guide as we walk.
1 Person walking 1 alpaca £27
2 People walking 1 alpaca £35
3 People walking 1 alpaca £43 Private Walks are for upt to 5 people with 2 Alpacas £115
Not suitable for children under 6.
Children under 12 will need adult supervision ( please book a walk for 2))
Please remember to wear suitable footware
No Dogs
To keep our customers and staff safe we are reducing the number of alpacas on the walks and having a maximum of 3 people  per alpaca. Please observe social distancing on the walk 
We will also require contact details  
Pre booking is essential. 

Feeding the Alpacas and Goats

Come and spend a hour on our farm. Feed the Alpacas and Goats and spend time in our woods recharging your batteries. 1 ticket is £15 it's for up to 5 people and it includes 5 bags of food. Booking is essential.