Alpaca Experiences

Alpaca Walks

Take an alpaca on a slow walk around our farm. Get to know these gentle creatures and learn all about them from your guide as we walk.
1 Person walking 1 alpaca £25
2 People walking 1 alpaca £33
3 People walking 1 alpaca £41
Not suitable for children under 6.
Children under 12 will need adult supervision ( please book a walk for 2))
Please remember to wear wellys
No Dogs
To keep our customers and staff safe we are reducing th number of alpacas on the walks and having a maximum of 3 people ( from the same household) per alpaca. Please observe social distancing on the walk and do not attend if you have symptoms.
We will also require contact details.
Pre booking is essential. 

Feeding the Alpacas and Goats

Come and spend a hour on our farm. Feed the Alpacas and Goats and spend time in our woods recharging your batteries. 1 ticket is £15 it's for up to 5 people and it includes 5 bags of food. Booking is essential.