Recent Events

October 2015 - New Forest Walking Festival

For several weeks during October, Petlake Alpacas was the official venue for alpaca walks, as part of the National Park walking festival. After some great feedback we're looking forward to the 2016 walking festival. Due to unanticipated demand we plan to make more booking slots available for 2016.

If you can't wait until next Autumn, you can book an alpaca walk with us at any time of the year, weather permitting.

August 22nd 2015 - Petlake Farm Open Day

This year's open day was a huge success. We estimate that we had more than 1000 visitors and received some great reviews. As always, many people suggested that we hold these events more often. Watch the 'Coming Events' page for details of the 2016 open day(s)!

May 2015 - Purple Heather Film Set

During an incredibly exciting two weeks during early summer, part of Petlake Farm was transformed into the main set for the making of the film Purple Heather. Our barns became kitchen and restaurant for the cast and crew and the farm office became a makeup room. So much fun with so many lovely people.

  • Film Location

Dec 2014 - Chicken Rescue

Over 800 chickens were distributed via the farm as part of a huge effort, which in total saved over 6,000 hens, who's commercial egg producing age had expired! If not rescued, the hens, at only 18 months old, would have become pet food.