Breeding Females

Please see below for details of breeding female alpacas currently available for sale. Feel free to contact us via email, telephone or in person at the farm shop for further details and pricing.

Amelia (sorry, now SOLD)

Amelia was one of the first girls born here at Petlake. As we now have several of her siblings, we've decided to offer Amelia for sale this year. Amelia has a dense fleece with good handle, though not particularly fine. She is a strong and playful animal, and has a huge personality. Definitely a very beautiful girl... and she knows it!

Blossom (sorry, now SOLD)

Blossom is only for sale as we also have her dam, two sisters and a brother. Her dam, Karen, is one of our most productive girls, while her sister, Orla, is arguably our finest. Blossom has been mated to our stud Illustrious for a 2016 cria. In 2015 a mating of Illustrious and Orla produced the most fabulous male cria that we've ever seen, with unbelievable fleece.

Charity (sorry, now SOLD)

Charity is a beautiful young white female with a family trait of a single heart shaped brown parch on one front leg. Her mother carries the same mark on her back leg, while her cousin is our fantastic appaloosa girl. Charity is for sale with a free mating to any of our stud boys.


Chiquita (sorry, now SOLD)

Chiquita (Chichi) is one of the highest quality females in our herd. Her dam, Juanita, has retained the finest fleece of our older females. Her sire, Oberon has good density and handle and is one of our most hansom boys. The pairing produced an really exceptional animal with great promise. Chichi is for sale with a free mating.


Clarabella (£ POA)

Clarabella is a very upstanding and bright young female with really fantastic conformation and a fine dense fleece. We had intended to mate her for 2018, but somehow she slipped through the net. She is therefore offered for sale with a free mating to any of our stud males.


Eloquence (£ POA)

Ella is a striking and elegant animal with a lovely temperament. She has great conformation and has produced a strong and healthy offspring. Ella was not mated for 2018, so will come with a free mating to any of our stud males.

Ingrid (sorry, now SOLD)

One of our original herd and one of the matriarchs, Ingrid has produced three healthy daughters and one son (2nd picture) for us. At still less than middle aged, Ingrid has many more cria in her yet. Ingrid is one of the most characterful and intelligent of our girls.

Lady Madonna (£ POA)

Lady M is a bright upstanding solid white female with good bloodlines. She has produced some great cria, including one who was sold on to an established breeder as a stud male. Lady M has really good maternal instincts, and the potential to produce many more fabulous cria.


Octavia (sorry, now SOLD)

Octavia is a beautiful solid blue-black female. When mated to a white boy she produced a lovely solid bay-black female cria, Coco, who shows great promise. Octavia is sold with a free mating to one of our stud boys.

Savannah (£ POA)

Savannah is an attractive light fawn female who has given us some gorgeous offspring, including one of our own stud boys. She has been mated for 2018 to one of our our grey stud males, Storm, and the cria should be amazing